Deputies: Man held at gunpoint while his home is robbed


REDDING, Calif. - Three men have been arrested after they allegedly broke into a home, held the homeowner at gunpoint, and took over $1,200 in items from the home.

On September 11, at 8:45 a.m., Norman Olson called to report several people had entered his home and robbed him. Olson said he was home when around midnight he heard his driveway motion sensor alarm activate.

Olson looked outside and saw two men walking up to his front door. The men kicked in the front door and entered the home. Olson recognized the men as Seth Thompson and his father, Darrell Thompson.

Olson was ordered to the ground at gunpoint and told not to move and if he called the police, they would kill him and his family. A third person entered the home and they began ransacking the house.

After approximately 30 minutes, the three suspects left the home. Olson waited several hours to call in the incident due to fear of retaliation.

Deputies were able to determine the third suspect was Logan McLuckie. In the evening hours of September 11, deputies found and arrested McLuckie.

On September 12, deputies found Seth and Darrell Thompson and took them into custody. All three men were booked into the Shasta County Jail for robbery, false imprisonment, conspiracy and Seth Thompson was also charged with terrorist threats.

Seth's mother, Gloria Mosher, said it is all a false accusation. She said she was with Seth during the time of the alleged attack.

"That did not happen," Mosher said. "There could be no possible way that happened. My son has been home. He has not left more than 20 minutes to a half hour. I believe that these attacks on him are based on a jealous ex-girlfriend that I believe just couldn't get over it. I beg the community, pray for my family because we are being attacked."

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