Family gives a statement on Sherri Papini's return


REDDING, Calif. - Sheila Koester, Sherri Papini's sister, spoke to the media today at 3 p.m. about the return of her sister. She read a brief statement from the family and then answered questions.

Koester reminded the audience that she was six months pregnant and asked everyone to be mindful of her emotions.

"This has been a traumatic event for all us," Koester started.

Koester started by looking at her notes and speaking about the family's feelings. She said that Keith and Sherri have been reunited and they appreciated the "tremendous support" they have gotten over the past three weeks.

The family also wanted to thank the community in allowing the family time to heal and giving them their privacy throughout this situation.

According to Koester, Keith and Sherri only had one statement to give.

"We are overwhelmed with joy with how supportive everyone has been to bring us together as a family again. We would especially like to thank the Shasta County Sheriffs office, the North California Alliance for the Missing, The Lost Coast Trackers, Shasta Support Services, the Guardian Angels, our A-team, the California Highway Patrol, the Yolo County Sheriffs Office, the medical personal that helped her this morning and the whole world that reached out to help find her." Koester read.

Koester continued, "Everyone's tireless efforts have made our family whole again this Thanksgiving. Thank you for allowing our family time to heal and giving us our privacy. Your help, and keeping this alive through social media and national news, was an intricate part in bringing her home to us. Right now she has been through a very traumatic event and needs time with her family"

Koester then thanked those in attendance for coming and opened the floor up for questions.

Koester could not give an answer on whether or not Sherri had been reunited with her kids, but she did reiterate that Sherri was very excited to be home and back with her family.

She also said that she knows that getting Sherri's face out there, through social media and the news, was the best thing that could happen.

Koester said that she had seen her sister and that it was a "very joyous reunion".

In response to several questions, Koester said that she did not know what Sherri was currently doing, but that she could not speak as to where Sherri was at this time.

Koester ended the press conference by saying that the past three weeks had been a range of emotions, including sadness and anger.

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