First female Veterans Service Officer in Shasta County


REDDING, Calif. - A U.S. Army veteran has been hired as the first woman to serve as Veterans Service Officer (VSO) in Shasta County.

Celestina Traver is now in charge of the Shasta County Veterans Services Office, taking the place of Tommy Key.

The organization provides comprehensive counseling to veterans and their families.

She has worked at the office since 2010.

An army veteran who also worked in Military Police Investigations, Traver said helping veterans is dear to her heart.

She goes out into the community and visits assisted living homes to offer benefits, and she hopes being in this position will encourage more women to seek veterans services.

"They'll go ah, there's a woman there, and they can talk to us. Cause some women have problems with sexual trauma or PTSD or things like that that they're uncomfortable talking to a man," Traver said.

Some of the resources they talk about are the cemetery, Veterans Home, healthcare and more.

She added that she was surprised when she found out Friday, and plans on working at the office until she retires.

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