Food distributor settlement brings bucks to Northstate


REDDING, Calif. - Sysco Corporation will pay nearly $20 million in a settlement between the nation's largest food distribution company and State of California.

Portions of it will end up in Northstate counties.

Sysco supplies food and other products to restaurants, schools, hospitals and other clients.

A statewide investigation was prompted after a 2013 report by NBC News in the Bay Area accused Sysco of storing perishable items--like milk, meat, and seafood--in non-refrigerated and unsanitary sheds.

Those items were then shipped out by employees using their personal vehicles.

According to the Shasta County District Attorney's Office, who joined 9 other counties in filing an official complaint, a large amount of the money will go to members of the California Association of Food Banks.

Shasta Senior Nutrition Programs, which offers food services for the needy in Redding, Shasta Lake City, Anderson and Burney, will be one recipient of the $17,000 coming to Shasta County.

"We're just really excited that we're going to have $17,000 to spend on some nutritious foods that we can distribute to those in need," said Executive Director Debbie McClung. "I think it's bad that they actually had to be punished but I think it's good that all of the money that's coming down it going to be doing good things and helping those who could have been harmed."

The Community Action Agency of Butte County will also receive $19,600 to serve Tehama, Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Plumas and Sierra Counties.

The Shasta County District Attorney's Office will also be handed some $1.5 million, money that will go toward it's consumer protection bureau.

Deputy District Attorney Anand "Lucky" Jesrani is head of the bureau responsible for prosecuting those "who are violating the law through false advertising or other methods of violating California law, we would prosecute them in these types of cases."

Jesrani says the money will help make sure Shasta County businesses are being responsible.

The money is expected to be handed out toward the end of 2014 or early 2015.