Former Redding DJ recalls Las Vegas shooting


REDDING, Calif. - A former radio personality in Redding is talking about his experience in Las Vegas during the Route 91 music festival.

Jake Weber is now the General Manager for TRF Radio in Minnesota but was known to the Northstate as Chase Landon. He used to be the operations manager and worked on the morning show for Power 94 in the early 2010's.

Weber was in Las Vegas for the festival and said it was crazy going from interviewing stars earlier in the day to taking video of police officers during the search for the shooter.

"I was going to be proactive and at least do my job while I'm there. I'm not a paramedic I couldn't help anybody that way, I'm not a police officer this is what I do and that's what I did," said Weber.

Two of Weber's co-workers were also at the festival but were not injured. He adds while the shooting was tragic it won't stop him from going to the festival again next year.

"You can't just close yourself in and never go to anything again hoping that something bad doesn't happen. But at the same time realistically it will be in the back of my mind and I'll always be a little more cautious and thinking forward and what if, what could happen," said Weber.

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