Free drinks for students who say 'no' to distracted driving


REDDING, Calif. - Attorneys for Reiner & Slaughter Law Offices have teamed up with Dutch Bros. Coffee shops in Redding to focus on good habits for new drivers.

High school students in the Redding area are encouraged to sign a pledge to not text or use social media while behind the wheel. After filling out the form, teens can redeem their pledge for a free medium drink at any Redding area Dutch Bros. Coffee.

"All people, all drivers should know that but particularly the young drivers who are prone towards using these without understanding and appreciating the danger," said Reiner & Slaughter Law Offices Partner Todd Slaughter.

The commitment focuses on "intexticated" driving, a spin on intoxicated driving – both of which can have deadly outcomes when mixed with being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

"It's a dangerous characteristic of being out on the road, that if you are distracted you may drive off the road, flip your car, you may drive into somebody else and catastrophic things can happen," Slaughter explained.

Slaughter said about 20 percent of his office's caseload involves distracted driving.

"The younger crowd may not understand the importance of not being distracted from the roadway," Slaughter said.

Pledge forms are available at Foothill, Enterprise and Shasta High schools.

At the end of the month, the pledges will be tallied and the school that delivers the most will win a Dutch Bros van on campus.

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