Glass repair shop says repairs at Redding businesses have doubled this year


REDDING, Calif. - Moule's California Glass Inc. repairs windows in Redding. The owner, Laura Ware, said they have been open since 1994 and this year is the worst vandalism has ever been.

"[We get calls] I would say, at least once a day, if not twice," Ware said. "We got three phone calls yesterday alone for break ins."

She said it has doubled in the last year.

The owner of B&G Liquors, Raghvir Singh, on Hilltop Drive has been open for 13 years, and just in the last few, he's gotten his window broken three times.

"He breaks it, then I fix it. This year again, after 3 months, he breaks again," Singh said. "So, I'm now afraid to fix again. If I fix it and he break again, then what can do, you know?"

Lissa, the owner of Occassions Bridal Boutique on Hilltop, said she's been there for 17 years and had her windows broken four times. All four times were in the last year.

Singh and Lissa said expenses like this are hard on a business. Singh has cut down on workers to make ends meet.

"It's hard enough to have a business in Shasta County without all the vandalism expenses," Lissa said.

"It can cost anywhere between 6 to 15 hundred dollars depending on which door or window they break," Ware said.

Singh said the first time the damage cost nearly $400 and the second time, almost $700.

Ware said there is a new type of glass that can be installed that won't shatter completely. That way, the vandalism doesn't also lead to a burglary. This, however, is yet another expense.

"People, business people, are having to spend so much more money to protect what is ours," Ware said.

The Redding Police Department said it's hard to get a true count of broken windows because each case is recorded under "vandalism" and it's nearly impossible to go through and count how many of those accounts of vandalism were from broken windows.

The staff at Moule's said some customers claim they don't report the incidents anymore because nothing comes out of it. RPD asks people to still report every incident.

For Singh, the most recent vandal of his shop was caught by police and charged. He will face the court in the coming months.