Hackers to help revamp Redding's outlook online


REDDING, Calif. - The hands of hackers, set on clicking for a cause, plan to take over a website to better Redding's outlook online.

A group of locals plan to "hack" Wikipedia and revamp Redding's webpage in an effort to showcase the city's hidden treasures.

"It's also missing a lot of the vibrant cultural activity that's happening in the community," said the event's organizer Rachel Hatch. "So the idea is just to spend a few hours in a single afternoon to think about what would we want to add to that page if we were able to shape it, which is part of what you can do with Wikipedia."

The national movement promotes positive change at the hands of these self titled hackers.

"National day of civic hacking brings together coders, developers and writers all looking to hack different parts of the community," explained Hatch.

Nearly 100 hacking events will be happening in more than 90 cities across the world. In Redding, a group of 20 locals will be working to upgrade the city's Wikipedia informational webpage.

But Hatch said this hack for change event isn't what you're imagining it to be.

"I think the image that comes to mind when you think of hacking as teenagers in a basement trying to steal your credit card information and this is totally different from that. It's civically minded hackers. People who are really channeling their role as a citizen and wanting to make their community better and hacking as a way of doing that," described Hatch.

The local event is scheduled for June 1.

To follow along on ideas the group is coming up with, along with other event details, check the Twitter #HackForChange or head to the Hack For Change webpage.