House fire in Anderson cautions residents to use fire prevention


ANDERSON, Calif. - An Anderson man took what being "a good neighbor" meant to new heights after the second story of a home caught on fire early Friday morning after an old dryer started the fire.

The home-owner's friend was visiting when the fire broke out and knocked on the door of their neighbor Kristi Claycamp. Claycamp's husband answered the door and saw that the house was fully involved. She recounted that he ran across the street, went upstairs and assisted the homeowner in escaping burning the house.

CAL FIRE, along with help from Shasta County Fire, Cottonwood Fire, Anderson Fire Protection, and the City of Redding Fire, arrived quickly, laying out a long line of hose to get to the second floor.

"When we arrived there was heavy smoke and fire on the second story of the residence, coming from the area of the washroom," said Chad Benson, a CAL FIRE Engineer from Station 43.

With his experience, Benson recommended checking your dryer daily. He said homeowners may constantly clean their lint trap but the issue is that most people don't pull their dryers out to clean behind them and clean the lint trap tubing.

"You'd be surprised if you don't actually move it out, you may think you're cleaning the lint trap very well, but there's still quite a bit that accumulates behind," said Benson.

CAL FIRE recommends that process once a month.