Increase in storm related calls for local repair company


Calls for service due to weather-related issues have increased by around 150 percent for one local damage restoration company.

Robert Cronic with Cronic Disaster Services in Redding says there has been a surge in calls his company has received due to wind-related property damage.

"Some roofs will blow off and then you'll get some water coming into the house," Cronic said.

He also mentioned that high winds have damaged many of his clients' windows, which allows water to leak into the home.

His advice is to seal leaks immediately and to temporarily patch roofs with a tarp, before calling for help.

He also advises to never get up on top of your roof during a storm.

The combination of floodwater entering your home with electrical appliances could have shocking consequences if you aren't careful.

"Make sure the power's turned off so you don't have an issue," Cronic said, noting caution and common sense are needed when dealing with electricity.

If flooding occurs in your home, be sure to use a vacuum that is able to suck up water before it damages valuable possessions or flooring.

Cronic says to pick up anything valuable off the floor in your home as soon as flooding is noticed.