Kids learn life saving skills at Whiskeytown Lake


REDDING, Calif. - Whiskeytown Lake is providing kids with a unique opportunity. Lifeguards at Whiskeytown Lake are putting on a junior lifeguard class, one that will teach participants skills to help respond in case of a water emergency. Red Cross lifeguard certification requires kids to be at least 15-years-old. This class goes through the entire material the Red Cross class does.

"We call it the Junior Lifeguard program because we actually take kids of all ages and we take them through the whole process of running them through the whole class from start to finish," said Leilani Jefcoat, head lifeguard and instructor.

Class participants learn first aid skills and CPR alongside water skills. By the end of the week, they will be able to complete physically trying tasks like swimming hundreds of yards, treading water using only their legs for two minutes, and even retrieving a weighted brick from the bottom of the lake.

"We're gonna be swimming this rope line, doing the crawl stroke, breast stroke and also doing treading water out in the middle of the lake to get their legs strong and make sure they're able to do those skills," Jefcoat said.

Participants will receive a patch and certificate from the park at completion.

"We live in the Northstate where it's hot. Anyone who enjoys aquatic activities in a lake setting or a river setting, the ocean, if you like boating, if you like fishing, these aquatic skills are life skills," Jefcoat said.

The class runs through Friday.