McCumber Dam overflows from snow melt and rainfall


SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - McCumber Dam and Battle Creek are overflowing from increased rainfall and snow melt.

Steve Allison and Jeremy York said this has been the heaviest winter they have seen in the Lake McCumber area in years.

"There was two feet of snow just a couple of days ago," Allison said. "So the warm weather after the cold front has kind of melted things off. But as far as the overflow coming off the dam, that's about the biggest I've seen it in a long time."

"This is the worst winter since we've been up here," York said. "The amount of rain, wind, this is the most snow we've seen since we've been here."

Allison said the last time he remembers the flow over this high over McCumber Dam was 2007.

"At that point I built a rock - a sea wall that's normally about 15-20 feet off the edge of the creek just in case this happened again, and sure enough you know 8,9,10 years later it finally did," Allison said.

While the heavy winter elements are unusual, preparing for power outages is the norm.

"We have generators. To me it's one of the essentials up here. It's four-wheel drive and a back-up generator. Because again, we have outages just about every year," Allison said.

"I made sure we had a wood burning stove so we don't have to worry about power outages. No matter what, we got hot water and we're warm," York said.

To prevent outages, York cuts dead or damaged trees before they come crashing down.

"It was our first month here three years ago,' York said. "We had a tree break and take out the whole power pole and the lines and everything."

With more snow melt anticipated the next few days, the safest way to go is to stay home.

"Snuggle up with the kids and get a board game out and a lantern, and sit by the wood burning stove is about all you can do," York said.

Both Allison and York said their last power outage was Sunday, but it only lasted a few hours.