Learning from Seattle chopper crash tragedy


REDDING, Calif. - Helicopter pilot safety is taking center stage following a deadly crash in Seattle that killed a news station's pilot and photographer.

"I mean any activity has its inherent danger, and flying certainly is no exception to that," said Peter Kuendig, assistant chief flight instructor for Air Shasta Rotor & Wing in Redding.

Pilots flying over Northstate skies for the flight training and scenic tours company say they take maintenance procedures and safety very seriously.

"We're aware of those dangers. We have training that prepares us to deal with emergencies as they arise. We have recurring training that we have every year that we have to go through," Kuendig explained.

Pilots of any aircraft log thousands of hours in the air. Continuous training helps pilots to be prepared and aware of any potential hazard while flying.

Kuendig said he believes "most pilots read accident reports," so they can study them and be more aware of ways to survive a crisis in the cockpit.