Liberty Christian gets new location, stays open


REDDING, Calif. - Until a few days ago Liberty Christian High School was believed to be closing its doors after 51 years at Grace Baptist Church on Churn Creek Road in Redding. Today they announced that they weren't closing, but they were in fact moving.

Crosspointe Community Church on Hartnell Avenue has agreed to allow Liberty to move into their unused school facilities. Their new home would be the facilities once used by Redding Christian and North Valley Christian schools.

Senior Pastor Bud Wenzel said that it was the right thing to do.

"The thought of having all those families, the kids and their parents without a place to go anymore, and then us with all these classrooms, we just couldn't bear to see them close down. So out entire congregation is supportive, we're on board," said Wenzel.

Liberty's Principal Tom Adams said he couldn't be happier.

"We're shocked that they're so open to it, but we're excited moving forward. This gives us the opportunity to continue the 51-year ministry of Liberty."

Grace Baptist Church Members voted not only to not support the school but wouldn't allow Liberty to stay as an independent school.

Crosspointe's Pastor Wenzel says it's hard for a church to support a school and had nothing but good things to say about Grace Baptist.

"I would suggest as community that we owe nothing to Grace Baptist church but gratitude and respect for the years of sacrifice, and we're happy to take on the mantle and partner with the school from here on out." said Wenzel.

They are hoping that Liberty students will continue their education at Shasta Bible College which is also connected to Crosspointe. Liberty will open on its new campus next fall.

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