Man apologizes after passing out in a cafe


REDDING, Calif. - A man allegedly walked into a downtown Redding cafe that wasn't locked around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning not to steal money, but to find food.

They were actually sympathetic for the young man who returned later in the day to apologize, who said he didn't remember what happened after mixing narcotics with alcohol.

Photos of the man show him, around 1:00 a.m., behind the register of Downtown Java and Cafe.

The owner of the building, Kasey Dollar said he woke up to ten text messages that someone had broken into one of his buildings.

A tenant who worked in the building happened to see the man and notified Dollar.

Dollar said the man had taken several bites out of a plastic wrapped cucumber, took out watermelon and arugula from this fridge - which is why they've coined him the "vegan burglar," - and then just passed out.

Redding Police showed up and arrested him, but he was released just hours later. That's when he came back to the cafe to apologize.

"Kid showed back up this morning, just about 20 minutes ago and apologized. Said that he'd had Percocet and alcohol, and doesn't remember anything about the event. So as he was leaving, I asked him if he had something to eat tonight cause he told us he was homeless, and he said no so I gave him 20 bucks and said just don't break into buildings anymore," Dollar said.

Kathleen Saxer owns the cafe and said she's glad there weren't serious damages, but is still disturbed by what happened.

She added that while there's a little bit of humor to the situation, this could have ended badly.

The employees said even though they are out a cucumber, the situation is worrisome because people under the influence could be unpredictable.

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