Deputies: Man arrested for attempted murder after firing at vehicle


BURNEY, Calif. - Shasta County deputies arrested a man for attempted murder after they said he fired several shots at another man's vehicle early Sunday.

Deputies said the victim, John Yochum, tried to confront the suspect, Victor Kersten, 20, about threats he had made about running over a woman because she didn't want a relationship with him.

Deputies said the victim tried to get Kersten's attention near Highway 89 and Highway 299E, east of Burney, and when he pulled alongside Kersten's car, Kersten started shooting at him. Officials said Yochum drove off, reaching speeds of 100 mph.

Officials said the two were in the residential neighborhood of Cassel when Kersten began to fire his weapon once again toward Yochum's vehicle. Officials added Yochum was able to get away, later returning to Burney to report the matter to the Sheriff's Office.

Officials said later that morning, Kersten was found by deputies just as he pulled into his home in the 20000 block of Marquette Street in Burney. Officials added when Kersten was told he was under arrest for attempted murder, he began to resist deputies.

After a brief struggle, Kersten was restrained and taken into custody. Kersten's vehicle was towed to the Shasta County ID Lab evidence yard to be processed by ID Technicians.

Officials said during the interview, Kersten admitted to shooting at Yochum but would not tell deputies the location of the firearm. A search warrant was later authored and executed for Kersten's home, where evidence pertaining to the attempted homicide was located.

Kersten is currently in custody at the Shasta County Jail for attempted murder. Kersten's bail will be set at $500,000. Further charges will be added in the next coming days.