RPD: Man shoots granddaughter's boyfriend in self-defense


REDDING, Calif. - Redding police have identified the man who was shot on Sunday in a family dispute as Joshua Erik Horak, 29, of Tacoma, Washington.

Horak was shot by his girlfriend's grandfather in a home on Woodbury drive at 4:44 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Officials believe that the incident was sparked by Horak being verbally and physically aggressive toward the grandparents and the gunshots were fired in self-defense.

According to investigators, Horak and his girlfriend traveled to Redding to visit with her grandparents. While visiting at the grandparents' home Horak became angry toward the grandparents. Horak's aggressive behavior increased throughout the weekend causing the grandparents to feel threatened in their own home.

Witnesses told authorities that Horak was told he needed to leave and was no longer welcome in their home by the grandfather, a man in his 70's. Horak only became irritated with that and started to threaten and yell at the grandfather. Feeling threatened the grandfather armed himself with a handgun in case he needed to protect himself and his family.

After the grandfather had grabbed the gun, Horak continued to be verbally abusive and then charged at the grandfather. Officials said that it was at this point that the grandfather shot Horak, one time, in self-defense.

Investigators report that Horak fell to the ground and then eventually got back up and tried to charge the grandfather again. Once again Horak was shot in self-defense. The second shot stopped Horak's attack and 911 was called.

Police and medical personnel arrived and took over the scene.

Investigators said that the grandparents and the girlfriend were cooperative and have all given statements. The handgun was collected and booked as evidence and Horak was transported to Mercy Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

Horak is listed as stable and his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. The grandfather was not arrested

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Redding Police Department. This case will be sent to the Shasta County District Attorneys for review. The grandparent's names are not being released based on the fact they may be victims of elder abuse.