Marines and Woman Accused of Attacking Pregnant Woman Back in Court; Two Waive Hearing


REDDING, Calif. - A woman and two Marines accused of attacking a pregnant woman on the Sacramento River Trail in Redding were back in court Thursday morning.

Redding Police say the baby's father, Lance Swann, his cousin Erica Swann and fellow Marine, Jeffrey Walton kicked, punched and choked 18-year-old Nicole Vultaggio on the Sacramento River Trail in June. Vulttagio was eight months pregnant at the time with Lance Swann's baby.

Investigators say Swann plotted the attack against the baby because he didn't want to take responsibility for him.

In court, both Lance and Erica Swanns' attorneys waived their preliminary hearings.

Jeffrey Walton's is set for his next week.

Walton's attorney, Jeffrey Stotter, told us he didn't want to waive the hearing because he wants to get all the evidence on the table in hopes of reaching an agreement with prosecutors. He says his client did not play a major role in the attack and that he doesn't deserve a life sentence.

"As both sides look at the evidence in this case, my client's role in it is becoming clearer. His much lesser role is becoming clearer and I'm looking forward to having the evidence on the record that will further show what my client's minimal involvement in this case is," Stotter told us.

Lance's attorney said they decided to move forward to the next step of the case. He told us if prosecutors don't propose an acceptable plea deal, they'll be ready to set a trial date.

All three suspects are being charged with attempted murder, conspiracy and robbery and face life in prison.

Walton's preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 11th.

Lance and Erica Swann are scheduled back in court September 27th.