Meeting delayed for local vintner, Reverge Anselmo

Anselmo prays in his chapel after the Shasta County Building Appeals Board postpones a decision.

REDDING, Calif. - Supporters of vintner and Shingletown land owner Reverge Anselmo gathered to defend his red-tagged property against a board that had not met in 20 years.

It had been so long since the board had come together that Board Chair Robert Miller, who had been on the board since 1968, was not even sure of its power.

Several speakers came forward, all in support of Anselmo's chapel.

Shasta County said Anselmo has no right to operate the chapel without the right permits while Anselmo said that he applied for the proper permits.

The meeting ended abruptly though, when a point was made that there were only three members on the five member volunteer board present, so all three members would have to vote one way to make the vote effective.

The board clerk said at least three applications have been received to fill the two empty spots, so the meeting was pushed back to July 31.

Anselmo said that he was grateful that so many supporters came to the meeting in spite of the delay.