Mother who killed her 5-day-old baby sentenced


REDDING, Calif. - Heather Brown, who was found guilty of killing her 5-day-old baby, was sentenced to 25 years to life plus three years in state prison Monday.

Brown was convicted on August 31 of first-degree murder in connection to the 2015 death.

Heather Brown, 21, and Daylon Reed, 21, were arrested in May initially on drug charges but were then charged with the murder of their baby girl Dae-Lynn Rose. Investigators said Reed supplied Brown with methamphetamine and heroin while she was breastfeeding their baby girl, leading to the infant's death.

The baby's autopsy revealed the cause of death was "polypharmacy-heroin and methamphetamine dependence/addiction." Polypharmacy-heroin is a combination of prescription pain relievers and heroin.

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