Muslim community reacts to President Trump's Israel announcement


REDDING, Calif. - President Donald Trump's declaration Wednesday morning recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel left some in the Northstate with questions.

Abu Bakr Salahuddin is the Imam of the Islamic Center of Redding. He watched the president's announcement through his phone.

While he feels the recognition will not effect those in the Northstate, Salahuddin believed President Trump should leave the issue between Israel and Palestine.

Salahuddin said Muslims, Christians and Jews all have religious connection to the holy city. But added those most affected by the decision will be the people who live in the city.

President Trump said while the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol and plans to move the embassy, the main goal remains peace in the middle east. Salahuddin believed the exact opposite would happen.

"I see it widening the gap as we have seen here. Instead of bringing the country more and more together it has created a bigger rift and a bigger divide," said Salahuddin.

He felt the announcement was purely political and does not benefit anyone. His solution would be to make Jerusalem for everyone and not single out on country over another.

KRCR News Channel 7 also reached out to Temple Beth Israel in Redding for comment but did not receive a call back.