Neighbor recounts deadly shooting involving an off-duty officer


REDDING, Calif. - An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer shot and killed an intruder early Sunday morning and a neighbor said he heard it happen.

John Kenner, 32, who lives nearby said he suddenly woke up just after 3 a.m.

"I heard a yell, as if a cry for help, followed by an immediate gunshot, a really loud gunshot," he said.

Since he just woke up he was not sure if it was in his immediate neighborhood on Country Oak Drive or if he really heard a gunshot.

However not long after Kenner saw officers swarm the neighborhood.

Redding police said when they arrived at the off-duty officers home the suspect was still being held at gunpoint.

"I came outside, I was the only one out here. I saw an ambulance eventually they took the subject ... in the ambulance and about 15 minutes later they drove away," he explained.

Investigators said the suspect was shot multiple times and died at the hospital.

Kenner said he does not personally know the family but said they have young daughters.

"You got to protect your family. I understand that" Kenner said. "You know I just think it's bad luck for the gentleman that came in trying to steal."

Kenner explained it is scary that this happened so close to home, but he reiterates he understands why the off-duty deputy had to do what he did.

"I understand the gentleman's reaction and there are a lot of houses on this block that the same thing would have happened if [the suspect] would have broke into their house," Kenner explained.

He added he does feel sorry for both the off-duty officer and the suspect.

"I just have to have compassion for everyone involved even the person breaking into the person's house because they're just people and people make mistakes," he explained. "It's just unfortunate I think that somebody was killed so close to home."

After the Redding Police Department left the home the California Highway Patrol Hazardous Materials Team showed up. Officers were seen walking in and around the home wearing white suits with cleaning materials.

Kenner said their neighborhood is nice and crime does not happen too often. He mentioned in the last couple months it has seemed to increase.

"My parents have lived here since 2002 there has not been a lot of crime," Kenner said.

Anyone with information can contact the Redding Police Department at 530-225-4200.