Neighbors: Shingletown stabbing suspect kept to self


SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - A homicide investigation in Shingletown is underway of a grandson suspected of killing his grandfather and injuring his grandmother.

Investigators arrested 19-year-old Skyler Poland at his home on Westward Ho Road.

Witnesses said the neighborhood is usually peaceful, but the road was filled with law enforcement Wednesday afternoon.

Kisha Hoffman lives across the street and said she came home from the gym to find investigators on her block.

"We just saw the yellow caution tape and saw the police vehicles, and knew something had happened. Completely shocked to find out that something like that would happen," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said Poland lived with his grandparents and doesn't recall hearing any arguments or noise at their house.

"We would see them at the mailbox or taking the trash cans to the street, and would wave hi and always smiled and that was about it. They were inside pretty much most of the time," Hoffman said.

Austin Miller said he went to Foothill High School with Poland.

"We started talking, and I could tell he wasn't quite there mentally, like not stable. He's a nice guy though, I just never expected something like that to happen," Miller said.

Miller said Poland was usually quiet in class.

"He did get taken out of class one time because of his mental health issues," Miller said.

Poland's grandmother was airlifted to the hospital for an injury on her head that caused heavy bleeding but was last reported to be in stable condition.