Neighbors Speak Out About Man Accused of Murdering His Brother with a Dumbbell


REDDING, Calif. - Neighbors react to a murder in their apartment complex, allegedly at the hands of the victim's brother.

Redding Police Investigators say 50-year-old Stephen Carver confessed to beating his brother over the head with a metal dumbbell several times after an argument.

Officers found 55-year-old Gregory Carver's body inside his apartment on Churn Creek Road around 8 p.m. Monday night when they were called to check on him.

Stephen Carver was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the 1000 block of East Cypress Avenue after a day long manhunt.

We spoke with neighbors Wednesday afternoon. They are all still in shock.

The apartment manager told us that his wife was the one to call officers and ask them to check on Gregory. He said they normally saw Gregory on a daily basis. It had been few days since they'd seen him and they kept hearing his dog barking, so they knew something was not right.

We talked with a neighbor, Adrienne Emerson. She said she was friends with both brothers and knows that they were close.

She told us they had been fighting over the past few months, so when she heard them arguing Friday night she didn't think much of it. She had no idea it would escalate this far.

Emerson told us, "Greg was the most loving brother who cared about Stephan and Stephan loved his brother and what has happened is a tragedy and we're going to miss Greg very, very much." She also said Gregory had an estranged son that he hadn't talked to in years, but was trying to get back in touch with him.

Another brother and some family members were at the complex, loading everything from the apartment into a U-Haul. We reached out to them, but they didn't want to talk.

As for Stephen, investigators told us he has a criminal history. They wouldn't elaborate on what exactly, but said that he's had some drug problems. He has ties to the bay area and Idaho but had been living with his brother for almost a year.

Stephen Carver is being charged with murder. He should be arraigned sometime on Thursday.