Neighbors voice concerns over new traffic circles


REDDING, Calif. - A handful of Redding neighbors along Victor Avenue are worried about a new traffic circle installed by the city. They feel many drivers are not following the rules and the circles are an accident waiting to happen.

Julie Myers lives near the intersection of Galaxy Way and Victor Avenue and her back fence was hit by a driver early Sunday morning.

The traffic circle was recently completed as part of the city's effort to improve that stretch of road, but Myers said, "I don't feel that it's really slowing anybody down."

Overall she did not have an issue with the city building traffic circles but added the one at Galaxy Way was not properly thought out.

"It's a narrow roundabout it's not like the one in Anderson or the one that's on Shasta View, those flow great I have no problems with those," said Myers.

Her back fence is along Victor Avenue and was hit by a driver early Sunday morning. Myers believes impaired driving was to blame but said the roundabout did not make matters any better.

"I definitely believe that it contributed to it because of the way of him doing the 180 [degree turn] and stuff, he had to have been making a left turn. I actually believe another one happened on the other side a few houses down on the other side of galaxy just a week or so ago," said Myers

Janice Farnsworth is the owner of Redding Driving and Traffic School and said the issue is Redding drivers are not accustomed to traffic circles. They often are stuck with the old habits of driving that route and not familiar with the rules.

"Sometime the traffic is not quite sure what to do. And then after they go through it a few times then they learn how to drive through it safely," said Farnsworth.

She adds when approaching a traffic circle, drivers need to slow down and yield to those already in the roundabout before moving forward but Myers did not agree learning the rules would solve the problem.

"Because there is a pretty big straight away between here and where Kids Kingdom is, people punch it. And when they're coming from the other end, same thing," said Myers.

Farnsworth said these new traffic circles should be simple since they only have one lane. The most complex roundabout for her was the one in Anderson on Deschutes Road that has multiple lanes.

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