New documentary depicts Redding soldier's overseas battles


REDDING, Calif. - A Redding veteran is home from fighting off gunfire in one of the deadliest outposts in Afghanistan.

Former Sergeant Tad Donoho's life, along with the rest of the Second Platoon Battle Company's day-to-day operations, will play out on the big screen in a new documentary titled "Korengal" this coming Memorial Day weekend.

"Yes I've seen it, it's pretty good," said Donoho.

The film is full of emotion. It's real, raw and was a fact of life for Donoho and his fellow soldiers for a full 15 months back in 2007.

"They do a pretty good job of actually portraying what a soldier does out there, how they're feeling just like with the pictures and video. It's insane how they do it," explained Donoho.

The Korengal Valley, where Dohono's platoon was posted, was in the center of frequent violence and bloodshed.

"It kind of puts you into the soldier's mindset, other than building a base or anything like that, but you actually see what happens and how it affects the soldier," described Donoho.

This is the second film documented by writer-director Sebastian Junger and the late photo-journalist Tim Hetherington. Their goal in this piece was to show the personal emotion each soldier went through while constantly in the line of fire.

"It kind of goes into the mindset and the feelings of what's happening. You feel the effects, you see the effects of it rather than just seeing everything that gets put on the news or whatever. You actually go behind the scenes of it all," said Donoho.

"Korengal" will be showing at the Cascade Theater at 2 p.m. on Sunday the 25th.