New information released about fatal stabbing in Lakehead


LAKEHEAD, Calif. - New information about the charges and accusations against a man arrested for stabbing and killing a man in Lakehead has been released. Christopher Murphey was arrested September 8 and was in court for the first time Tuesday but his arraignment was continued to Friday.

Murphey is being charged with premeditated, first degree murder. Shasta County deputies said on Friday, Murphey deliberately and with malice stabbed Michael Graves on Solus Campground Road at the Lake Shasta Pines Mobile Home Park.

In the report, deputies said Graves had multiple stab wounds to his face, neck and body. Deputies said Graves had gone to get help from a woman in a nearby trailer, who called deputies at 2:00 p.m. Friday. When deputies arrived, they said Graves told them "Chris" stabbed him.

Deputies also spoke with a different woman who was walking on the main road when she saw a man she called Chris drive by in a blue truck with blood on his face. She said he stopped only long enough to say "I can't stop."

Graves was pronounced dead at the hospital just before 4:00 p.m.

One man, who said he was Murphey's brother, said he had just spoken with Murphey near the Klondike Klub Restaurant. He said Murphey was badly injured, and told him he had gone to someone's home to confront them about being called a child molester. The brother told deputies he tried to convince Murphey to turn himself in, but he responded saying he "wanted to die."

According to the report, Murphey said Graves stabbed him in the arm and leg, so Murphey grabbed a knife in self-defense. He stabbed Graves then left.

Murphey was arrested just before 6:00 p.m. in Siskiyou County with visible injuries and bloody clothes. Deputies said when they met Murphey in the hospital he said, "Whatever happened between us was mutual combat."

Murphey is also being charged with special allegations because of prior felonies, one for receiving stolen property in 2002 and one for a DUI causing injury in 2007.