Northstate heat impacting cows, causing many to drop weight


COTTONWOOD, Calif. - July saw a record number of 100 degree plus days, which is causing many Northstate cows to eat less.

President of the Tehama County Cattlemen's Association, Chad Amen, said cows do not want to graze in the sun because it is so hot, which has meant many are lower in weight.

He said they feed earlier in the morning and later in the evening. He also offered suggestions to avoid heat stress, including moving cattle to the mountains during the summer heat.

"[You] just have to keep mindful of it. Make sure you've got plenty of water, plenty of shade, and keep an eye on those that are most susceptible to the heat," Amen said.

Amen said if you're working the cattle, make sure it's not during the hottest part of the day.

Limiting flies can also be helpful to reduce heat stress.

He said cows may also have to be kept longer before going to market due to lower weaning weight.

However, Amen said his cattle have been doing fine due to adequate water and shade.

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