Parents of former Chico woman killed in Las Vegas still believe in humanity


REDDING, Calif. - The Redding located parents of a former Chico businesswoman said that while their daughter was killed in Las Vegas, they believe there is still good in humanity.

Greg and Linda Rodrigues were the parents of Stacee Etcheber, who was killed at the country music concert in Las Vegas. Etcheber graduated from Chico State and owned a hair salon in Chico 15 years ago.

"It was just, it's heart-wrenching, it was really, really heart-wrenching," said Greg.

The couple feel devastated by the loss of Etcheber and feel for the other 57 people killed and their families. The parents talked about how others have reached out to them on Facebook and in Las Vegas. From the airline to the hotel to an Uber driver.

The Rodrigues' just got back from a trip they said they would have given anything not to have had to take. Stacee lived in Novato, in the Bay Area, with her son and daughter and husband Vinnie who works as a San Francisco Police Officer.

In Las Vegas, the couple went through a roller coaster ride as they tried to find their daughter. After checking all the hospitals, Vinnie reluctantly went to the morgue. He got into the Coroner's Office where they said she wasn't there, but hours later he went back after exhausting all options. This time they were told that she was there.

"We went into the office with the lady. Sat down, lady said, "describe her". He said, "she has long brown hair, she has this tattoo of this creature on her back from a storybook". "Where the Wild Things Are". And uh, the lady put her pen down and said I'll be right back. She knew. She knew. She went back, she came back with a picture of Stacee," Vinnie recounted.

A vigil was held for Stacee Tuesday night at San Ramon Elementary school in Novato where she was a volunteer.

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