Parks and Recreation assess river trail damages from flooding


REDDING, Calif. - Redding Department of Parks and Recreation crews observed at least $200,000 worth of damages to parts of the River Trail along the Sacramento River that has been submerged from flooding.

When releases from Shasta Lake were low, Parks and Recreation took advantage to check for damage and erosion and found several spots that need work.

Joseph Forseth-Deshais with the department said there is a lot of erosion, fallen trees and debris covering parts of the trails.

However, the flooding does not stop Marsha Johnson from walking her dog on the trail twice a week. She said it has been exciting to see part of the trail underwater.

"We all love our river trails, and so I'm sure there will be organizations that will come out and solicit people to volunteer and help clean it up, and I'm sure that will get a lot of people out to help, because we all love our trail system, I mean it's phenomenal. One of the better ones in I think California," Johnson said.

Forseth-Deshais said they cannot evaluate the full extent of damages until the water goes down. However, the city does not have the funds for the repairs, because of this they have met with FEMA and OES to apply for help.

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