Principal explains impact of Stuff the Bus


REDDING, Calif. - The Salvation Army is giving schools and business, who wish to participate in Stuff the Bus, barrels to be filled with non-perishable food.

Sycamore Elementary principal Susanna Winstead said they are excited to participate in Stuff the Bus.

"It's very special to me personally that our students can participate in helping others," Windstead noted.

She explained out of her 190 students about 163 of them are on the free and reduced school lunch program.

"Many of our students benefit from fundraiser, whether it's canned food drivers or clothing drives," Winstead noted.

Winstead noted, this year Sycamore is not having a summer lunch program making it more difficult on families to put food in their children's tummy. "We feel very fortunate that many of these types of fundraiser will go right back to our students to help them through the summer months," Winstead said. She does feel a sense of security by participating in Stuff the Bus.

"It really does provide a sense of security for myself as a principal knowing that our students that attend our school in particularly will benefit," Winstead explained. Winstead noted she uses programs, such as Stuff the Bus as a learning experience for her students, especially since they are usually on the receiving end.

"We want our students to be able to understand how important it is to give back to their community," Winstead said.

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