Public cooling centers are havens for those without air conditioners


REDDING, Calif. - With temperatures creeping into the triple digits, many seek relief indoors. For many, that means going to a public cooling station.

One of the cooling stations in Shasta County is the Redding Library.

The library was calm and quiet Saturday afternoon, with people reading, browsing online and enjoying the free air conditioning.

Jamie Saelee said she goes to the library at least three times a week during the summer months to escape the scorching sun. Saelee noted that she reads magazines and gets work done at the library because she doesn't have air conditioning at home.

Saelee added that although she grew up in Redding, she still has a hard time acclimating to the heat.

She always stays prepared and protected from the sun.

"Definitely extra sunscreen. [Water], I bring SPF everything, SPF chapstick, wear light, loose layers help," said Saelee.

Next week also promises to be hot, and heat advisories suggest the public wear sunscreen and carry water when going out.