Redding City Attorney to report findings from marijuana workshops


REDDING, Calif. - Redding City Attorney Barry Dewalt will report his findings from three marijuana workshops that were held recently. Dewalt said that he has been compiling comments and feedback for the October 17 presentation.

The public workshops focused on three areas: cultivation, retail sales, and manufacturing and laboratory testing.

Dewalt said 90 percent of the public was in favor of commercial cannabis business. However, he said that it needs to be taken into consideration that most people who would attend Marijuana workshops would be in favor.

As a community, Proposition 64, the legalization of marijuana, was defeated by more than 2,300 votes.

In the end, the city council will have to make some decisions.

"Do we want to permit large-scale cultivation indoors? Do we want to eliminate the allowances for medical marijuana at private residences? And that dovetails a little bit with the retail sale. So if the argument is that we're going to allow retail sale of cannabis in our community, it seems to lessen the need for those who are growing their own cannabis to grow their own cannabis at their private residence," said Dewalt.

Mayor Brent Weaver still holds some reservations.

"What's the message you're sending to the youth and the kids of your community, that weighs on my mind. Also what weighs on my mind is, is it a gateway drug, potentially to other drugs? But then also you've got to weigh can you get revenue from this and help fund programs that help people get off addiction or to help support public safety?"

The city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m. Council members will decide whether they want staff to study it further.

If it's decided to draft ordinances, a moratorium that takes expires December will probably be extended.

If the council decides not to permit commercial cannabis activity, an ordinance will be drafted to replace the moratorium with a ban.

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