Redding Fire, PG&E encourage people to call 811 before digging


REDDING, Calif. - August 11 is National Call Before You Dig Day and the Redding Fire Department along with PG&E were out at a Redding construction site Friday morning to show just how easy it is to avoid hitting a gas line.

811 is a free service you can call two days before you're planning to dig on your property. This allows crews time to come out and mark where lines are. Once the lines are marked you should use a hand shovel or your hands to dig. PG&E said you should not use large equipment near where the lines are marked.

PG&E said it will take two business days for crews to come out but after that, you're good to go.

"It's very important for our contractors and even our homeowners that might have construction equipment to take the proper precautions, call 811, and have the appropriate company or agency come and mark the location of the pipelines," said Redding Fire Chief Gerry Gray.

PG&E said you don't even have to be present when crews come to mark the lines. Just make sure the area where you will be digging is clearly marked.

You can also request for crews to come to your property by going online. You can find that information here.