Redding Inn continues to struggle with squatting


REDDING, Calif. - The Redding Inn is still having issues with criminal transients. The owners say as soon as they kick them out, the squatters are back the next day.

The current owner is in a civil lawsuit with the former owner. Until that is settled, the building will remain empty.

The owner hired a private contractor to keep watch over the place and kick out the unwanted visitors. Wayne Albright said he has to make a stop just about every other day and almost every time he finds people inside. All of the doors are boarded up or padlocked, but that doesn't keep people out. The doors are kicked in, the windows broken, or the air conditioning units pushed in.

"It's my discretion to either have them arrested, which they get booked and released mostly because it's not a violent crime, or it's up to the owner if he wants to have them arrested," Albright said. "I'll call him and let him know whats going on and what he wants to do."

Once the people are kicked out, what's left behind is even worse.

"Tons of clothes, trash, feces, food, everything. You know, needles, paraphernalia, tin foil, you know, name it," Albright said.

He contracts with property management and watches over properties all over Redding. He said this one is the worst.

"It's just a huge problem, you know, the owners have to put out money to pay me to fix it and the homeless people they just don't care and don't see what the process is to go through to get it ready again."

Redding Code Enforcement said they understand that the owner is trying his best. They are suggesting "enhanced boarding".

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