Redding Man Stabbed by Nephew Making Progress& Leaving Hospital


REDDING, Calif. - A Redding man brutally stabbed by his nephew has made enough progress to leave the hospital.

68 year old Bob Watson was stabbed several times in his home on Boston Avenue on June 8th.

His wife, 66 year old Candace Watson, was also stabbed multiple times. She was found dead in the garage of their home.

Officers say 30 year old Cody Nash of Portland, Candace's nephew, confessed to attacking them. He told investigators that he planned to take his own life and attacked the couple as a way to get his adrenaline up to commit suicide.

We talked with Bob and Candace's daughter, Dawn, Wednesday afternoon. She told us Bob has made enough progress that he is finally being released from the hospital Thursday and will head to a rehabilitaion clinic.

Bob can talk and walk with assistance. Their main focus at the rehabilitation clinic will be to strengthen the muscles used for swallowing.

Dawn told us all the cards people have been sending to her dad remind him of how loved he is. She said he doesn't remember much from the incident or even the fact that Cody Nash was staying with them.

It might be a harsh reality to face, but Dawn says her dad has a strong will to heal. She said they believe he has a greater purpose and that there is a reason he survived.

They are still holding off on any memorial services for Candace. They want to be sure Bob can be there.