Rocky Ledge Shell station owners speak out for first time


JOHNSON PARK, Shasta County - The owners of the gas station in Johnson Park where 54-year-old David Wicks was killed last month have put the well-being of their employees ahead of the business.

An employee of the gas station, Wicks died after being set on fire by an unknown assailant on December 21.

A popular member of the community, Wicks loss hit the family partners who own the station hard. Devinder Sahota and Jaspal Gill, partners of Burney Fuels Inc., treat their employees like family, according to their son and spokesman, Ishar Gill.

"It hit everyone really hard," Ishar said in a telephone interview Monday.

He said the company is putting the emotional wellness of their employees first. According to him, a group therapy session was held for the employees so that they could sit down and talk about the incident.

While the market portion of the gas station remains closed, the family is considering remodeling the interior of the gas station in an effort to make it safer.

"Most of the remodel is going to be to protect our family," Ishar Gill said, referring to employees. "We don't want anything to be there that will kind of spark something in someone's mind and remind them about it."

Shasta County Lt. Troy Clegg said the investigation is ongoing. CAL FIRE confirmed that they are continuing to assist the Sheriff's Office in identifying the unknown flammable fluid used to set Wicks on fire.

Clegg also confirmed that results of Wicks' autopsy will return to the Shasta County Coroner's Office next week.

As of now, Ishar said there is no planned date to reopen the Food Mart at the Rocky Ledge Shell gas station. However, customers are still able to use the gas pumps to fuel their cars.

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