Roofers brave hot temperatures


PALO CEDRO, Calif. - Hot temperatures keep many people indoors, but the heat doesn't stop workers at Pacific West Roofing from doing their jobs. Workers start early in the day and wrap up in the early afternoon to prevent being outdoors in the hottest part of the day. They take frequent water breaks and also drink Gatorade to replace electrolytes.

"We start super early, before daylight. Lots of Gatorade, not just water, tons of Gatorade. We don't wanna be up there anything past 100 really, but we start tapering off, 11:30 to noon, when it starts to get to that degree," said Pacific West owner Todd Fischer.

Fischer said workers keep an eye out for each other, they look for signs of heat illness throughout the day. The company has had some employees show symptoms in the past. Experienced roofers are a little better at knowing their limits.

Fischer also said there isn't a temperature threshold where they won't go out and work. When daytime highs get into the triple digits, they just shift their work day.