RPD launches effort to "Take Back our Community"


REDDING, Calif. - The Redding Police Department has launched a new section on their website in an effort to help the community make a difference.

It's called "Taking Back our Community." Acting Police Chief Pete Hansen said the grassroots campaign started in southern California, caught the attention of the Police Officers Association and eventually the city.

The site is designed to offer information to the community about AB 109 and Proposition 47 and 57 along with the current impacts to the city.

"We're overwhelmed by the changes that have been made so we're hoping that the people take a few minutes to do this. So this is our way of letting the community know that we're listening to your concerns and here's some things you can do about it," said Hansen.

At the bottom of the page are direct links to email Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Ted Gaines, and Assemblymen Brian Dahle.

Hansen said before the laws went into effect cities and law enforcement officials told lawmakers their opinions. He believed a response from the public expressing their concerns would have a greater impact.

To check out the "Take Back our Community" page click here.