Search continues for woman's body in Whiskeytown Lake


REDDING, Calif. - Using sonar, remote cameras, helicopters and scuba gear, Shasta County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit continued their search of Whiskeytown Lake for the body of a Cottonwood woman.

The ex-husband of Bridget Jacobs, 38, was arrested and charged with murder this week after he admitted he dumped her body in the lake, four days after she died. While the sheriff's office said in a press release the two were married, court documents indicate they were divorced in December of 2016.

Sergeant Brian Jackson with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit said Philip Jacobs admitted to being there when Bridget died. He said it was an accident. He then kept her body for four days before dumping her in Whiskeytown Lake on March 19th.

"Today is our third day of the Boating and Safety out searching Whiskeytown Lake," Jackson said.

Jackson explained they are focusing their efforts around Brandy Creek Marina.

"We've obtained additional information from witnesses that were out here on the 19th that had an interaction with Philip Jacobs," he said. "They identified him as well as his vehicle and boat and they also noticed he was out in the area of the lake where the boating and safety unit is at this time."

He explained they are using various methods to find her body.

They are using side scanning sonar, their ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) and the Shasta County Dive Team. They also have an aerial view from a California Highway Patrol fixed-wing aircraft.

"Right now they are working about 40 to 60 feet in the water, which for diving operations is good," he said.

Jackson added the search is a methodical process.

"The lake obviously has a lot of rocks, trees and materials down there that on a scan may appear to look like a body or evidence," he explained. "Once they determine points of interest they put divers in the water to check to see what the equipment has picked up to determine if it is Bridget or not."

Based on the information he had received they are hopeful they will find her body in the lake.

"We're pretty confident we'll have success on this, just given the circumstances that we know about," he said.

Investigators said they will continue to search for her until all attempts have been exhausted.

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