Sheriff Tom Bosenko says Papini case still "high priority"


REDDING, Calif. - It has been six weeks since Sherri Papini was taken while on a jog near her home and the Shasta County Sheriff's office still sees the case as a top priority.

Papini was found three weeks ago, alive, in Yolo county. She was bound, branded and beaten before being dumped on the road near I-5. After six weeks since her disappearance, investigators have no new information to release about the case.

Shasta County's Sheriff Tom Bosenko says they are waiting for evidence to be processed by the Department of Justice, which takes time.

After pressing him about why there has been no sketches of the suspects, two Hispanic women, Bosenko said that sketches require a lot of detailed information from he victim and that Papini's head was covered most of the time. When her face wasn't covered the faces of her captors were.

Bosenko said that Papini was held captive and traumatized for three weeks, and many victims who go through trauma similar to that often have trouble remembering details.

Bosenko also told KRCR that Sherri and her husband, Keith, have been very cooperative with investigators and that his department has no reason to doubt that she was kidnapped, beaten and tortured. He said that his investigators are in almost daily contact with the Papini's and that everyone wants the same thing, for this case to be solved as soon as possible.

The two suspect in this case are described as two woman, one younger with curly hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears. While the other is older with straight black hair that is graying and has think eyebrows.

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