Starbucks Stabbing Suspect Makes First Court Appearance


REDDING, Calif. - The man accused of stabbing a Redding realtor made his first court appearance Friday afternoon.

Investigators said that 19-year-old Travis Kuks admitted to stabbing 37-year-old Samuel Yount, a realtor at Banner Real Estate in Redding.

It happened just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon at the Starbucks on East Cypress Avenue.

Kuks' parents, step-parents, grandparents and their pastor all gathered in the courtroom to show their support.

Kuks pleaded not guilty and then his attorney, Eric Berg, asked the judge to lower his bail amount. It's currently set at $500,000.

Berg argued that Kuks is a good person, who helps his parents with his five siblings and spends his free time volunteering at a Catholic church.

Berg said, according to the police report, Yount was the aggressor in the situation and pushed Kuks first.

The prosecution argued that this is a serious situation that has left a man with life-threatening injuries.

The judge decided not to lower the bail, arguing that request needs to be made in a preliminary hearing.

Berg said the police report also states that the pair had agreed to meet at the Starbucks that night to discuss Kuks' relationship with his daughter.

They started arguing, which led to the stabbing.

Kuks then tried to render aid to Yount as he lay in his pool of blood.

Kuks is scheduled back in court in a few weeks.