The Northstate prepares for the rainy season


REDDING, Calif. - Some of the main items you should check on your car before the rainy season are your brakes, windshield wipers, tires, and headlights.

For your tires, make sure they have tread. A good way to check for that is by sticking a nickel in between the tread. If you can still see Thomas Jefferson's face, it's time for new tires. If your tread is low you could hydroplane in wet conditions.

Another important part to check are the windshield wipers. A new set would only cost between $5 and $20 to replace. The Northstate heat may have deteriorated the windshield wipers already on the car.

"In the summertime, it's so hot it usually ruins your wiper blades they get hard and brittle so when it starts raining they don't wipe the windows like they should," said smog technician Art Bracken. "So, that's why I say it's important to check them before the rain starts to make sure they are in good shape."

You should also take in your car to have your brakes and headlights checked.

As a reminder, always drive slow in the rain, give cars plenty of room, and if your wipers are on your headlights should also be on.