Tobacco tax increase more than doubles


REDDING, Calif. - Tobacco stores and customers are preparing for a spike in non-cigarette tobacco products that will take effect on Saturday.

Taxes set at 27.3 percent of the wholesale cost are expected to rise to 65 percent on July 1. It includes any tobacco or nicotine product, including vapes.

The cigarette tax went from 87 cents per pack to $2.87 in April.

The money from the increase is supposed to go toward health care for low-income Californians.

Some customers said paying more for smokes is not going to stop them from lighting up.

"You're going to keep increasing the price, but I'm not going to stop buying it because I know it's bad for me. That doesn't affect me. I personally make the choice to do it, and I believe if I make that choice, I shouldn't be looked down upon or even judged for making that choice," Customer Michael Talley said.

He added that he is on Medi-Cal, but thinks there are other ways to pay for it.

The revenue is also supposed to go towards tobacco-use prevention and tobacco-related diseases.

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