Victims of fatal crash were Shasta College students, leaders


REDDING, Calif. - A fatal crash in Redding early Friday took the lives of two Hoopa natives.

Five teenagers were pulled from the wreckage. Daisy Reese, Ralph Joseph, and Clifford Bailey were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.

Erica Young and Wa-Rec Lacy Mae Jackson were killed in the crash.

The girls both went to Hoopa Valley High School and were attending Shasta College. Their High School Counseling Technician, Marcy Casey, said they were outgoing girls.

"Erica was a good girl these were all good kids that went with her," Casey said. "Lacy, same thing, very traditional family values, she was so funny, she was a great kid you know that did good things for the community"

Their lives were taken by a suspected drunk driver. Yet, Casey said she can forgive.

"It's horrific and it happens way more than it should but at the same time, I'm sure there were people in her [the drivers] family that are hurting now too and she is too so there's victims all the way around," Casey said.

Hoopa is a small town. Casey said people are grieving together.

"That's one thing about this community we're a family. Everybody knows everybody. The community will have a lot of grieving to do, it will be a community-wide thing."

Casey adds that they will truly be missed.

"These were such great kids they had so much going for them. So outgoing," she said. "I just loved them to pieces they were really great kids."