Wildlife moving closer to residential neighborhoods


ANDERSON, Calif. - A black bear was spotted in a residential neighborhood near Anderson. Adam Fishman spotted the bear walking along the back side of his property Tuesday afternoon. A bear hasn't been seen in that neighborhood before.

Fishman tried to scare the bear away by making a lot of noise."Bear didn't move much ... very little to the far corner over here, at that point I shot my shotgun to scare it off, at that point it ran into the woods," said Fishman.

The property is near the Sacramento River. Other wildlife like deer have been spotted in that area, so that may be what attracted the bears. The Department of Fish and Wildlife urged people to keep their property clear of things that might attract bears like garbage.

"There are animals that have territories and home ranges in kind of urban areas and maybe as the summer goes on, we're still pretty early in the summer, and maybe water sources do dry up, there may be more animals coming to look for water," said environmental scientist Jennifer Carlson.

Fish and Wildlife wants you to call them if you see a bear or mountain lion on your property. They'll advise you on what to do next.

Fishman is now more alert when doing work outside or letting his pets out.

"Definitely when we let the dogs out or when we're working out here, really inspecting back there with flashlights or lights to make sure that there's nothing back there that can jump up and hurt us."