Woman sad to learn co-worker was allegedly killed, dumped in the lake


REDDING, Calif. - A co-worker of Bridget Jacobs explained it was unlike Bridget to miss work.

Investigators said Philip Jacobs admitted his wife Bridget died and four days later he dumped her in Whiskeytown Lake. He has been charged with her murder while authorities continue the search for her body.

Mary Lambert, Bridget's co-worker at Hertz, said Bridget was extremely nice.

"She was always happy," Lambert said. "She was really sweet. I mean she was a hard worker."

Lambert had no idea Bridget was potentially in a troubling relationship.

"She never talked about her outside life," Lambert explained.

Lambert said when Bridget missed work, their boss called Philip.

"She said he wasn't reporting her missing until the following Monday and so we kind of just took it into our own hands and we were reporting her missing," she said.

Lambert posted Bridget's absence on social media to bring attention and awareness. She was hoping Bridget was still alive.

"After days went on we started losing that hope," she said while trying to hold back tears.

However, she soon learned that Philip admitted Bridget died, kept her body and then dumped it in the lake.

"[It's] creepy, I don't know if I will be going to the lake anytime soon this summer," she said. "It's an uneasy feeling."

Lambert said she has been covering Bridget's shifts at their airport location, which has been tough.

As she began to cry Lambert said, "It's definitely difficult."

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