Local woman with cystic fibrosis fighting for her life in Bay Area hospital


REDDING, Calif. - A Shasta County woman, with cystic fibrosis, is at Stanford Medical Center waiting for a double lung transplant.

Tiffany Senter, 23, of the City of Shasta Lake, has a chronic lung disease called cystic fibrosis.

"Every single day I am truly fighting to live," she said.

When Senter was 17 she received a double lung transplant. However, just six years later there are now major complications.

"My double lung transplant is now rejecting because my body's immune system has realized these organs are not mine," Senter explained.

Her lung function is only at 11 percent now and she is waiting for a double lung transplant.

She explained living with cystic fibrosis is tough.

"It's a challenge. It really affects every day, I try not to let it just because you know it doesn't have to define who you are," Senter said. "The other hardest and most scariest part for me is seeing my family having to go through heartbreak to see me go through everything. I worry for them."

Senter recently shared her story on Facebook. She said it was her way of coping with what is happening. The post has been seen over 2,800 times.

"I've never expected it to go viral," Senter said. "It's really humbling that it reached so many people and so many people have offered their support and prayers and that has been really touching and helpful during this time."

Senter is hoping her battle will raise awareness for not only cystic fibrosis but also organ donation.

"I encourage everyone to register as an organ donor because it really does save lives. My life literally depends on it right now," she said.

Senter explained getting a double lung transplant is expensive. She is extremely grateful for the community's support.

If you would like to help her reach her goal and get a double lung transplant click here.

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