Man describes having gun pulled on him by Rancho Tehama shooter


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - A Rancho Tehama man is telling his story tonight after he said the shooter pulled a gun on him during the incident and even fired shots at him.

Jonah Bongcayo, 20, spoke with us through his mother's phone Tuesday afternoon as his mother waited anxiously to be let back in and be reunited with her children.

Bongcayo said he went to Rancho Tehama Elementary School to drop off his little brother at about 7:15 a.m. He said he heard a pop and thought it was a firework but as he was driving away, he looked back and saw a guy with a gun who was running. That's when he said everyone started screaming.

Bongcayo said there was more gunfire and then it stopped. That's when he said he began making his way back home to try and get service on his phone.

Bongcayo said on his way back home, a truck passed him on Rancho Tehama Road and he thought it was a parent trying to get home, but he was mistaken.

"I heard like a crash or something and I guess he hit this older couple or something and he drove into a ditch and I didn't know it was the shooter at first, I thought it was a parent," said Bongcayo "I stopped my car and got out and I went to check on him and I asked him if he was okay and he said 'Yeah, I'm okay, how about you?' and then he pulled out his gun and I just tried to jump out of the way and I started running."

Bongcayo said the whole situation was really scary and his mind went blank. Bongcayo said he's unsure of the fate of the older couple but when our reporter Taylor Torregano went back to the area today, there was a body in the road near the vehicle the shooter crashed in the ditch.