Man recounts learning roommate was killed by Rancho Tehama shooter


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - Brian Flint said he was in Redding going fishing when he got a call saying his roommate had been shot.

When Flint returned to his home he found that the suspect had killed his roommate and then stole his truck.

Flint said that he knows the man who would go on to murder four people and injure another 10. He said the suspect's name was Kevin. He lived two doors down from him.

Flint described Kevin as a crazy dangerous man and spoke about how Kevin would shoot up to 100 rounds of gunfire every night and morning.

"All I know is that the guy shoots a lot of shots and it's just crazy. I would hope that there would be more effort into preventing things like this. The police came around my house a lot recently, maybe it was for gunshots, maybe not, not sure but you know, there just needs to be more of an effort for things like this to be prevented," said Flint.

Flint said that his roommate had just turned 57-years-old and was a very nice man. He said he felt guilty knowing that the suspect used his car to carry out such a horrendous act.